Here at Emersons Green Veterinary Surgery we want to help you look after your pet in the best possible way. Our Pet Health Plan has been running for over 10 years and provides your pet with everything they need to stay healthy and fit. By joining our Pet Health Plan, via direct debit, will allow you to make a substantial saving on your pet's food, wormers, flea treatments and vaccinations. 

Included in our unique Health Plan;

  • Annual vaccinations
  • Flea treatments (enough for 12 months)
  • Worming treatments (enough for 12 months)
  • An additional health assessment with a vet, 6 months after your pet's vaccinations
  • Free unlimited nail clips
  • COST PRICE HPM Premium food
  • Free access to all nurse clinics (excluding behaviour consultations) 
  • 10% off all routine dental work (excluding extractions)
  • 10% off anal gland emptying
  • 1 free urine analysis / year (normally done at vaccination)
  • 2 Rearguard treatments (rabbits only)
  • 10% off all rabbit food and hay

As a family owned and run business we believe in providing the best possible treatments for your pet. We allow you to choose ANY flea or worming product when on the Health Plan - you are not constrained by the corporate buying power which dictates which product(s) you are allowed to use. We will tailor your pets ant-parasite treatments to your pet , their lifestyle and your family ensuring you are all protected and enjoy a close but healthy relationship with your pet.

The following table highlights just how much you can save. (Prices correct as of 2019 so you will be saving even more because our health plan prices are unchanged)



Join up now by completing this form or pop in and we can help you complete the paperwork and get your pet started on the best value Health Plan on the market.

Download the PDF's of our latest pamphlet


Martin Brice BVSc, MRCVS



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