Repeat Prescription Policy

Info about ordering a repeat prescription for your pet

In order for us to provide you and your pet with the best possible service we have found it necessary to explain our repeat prescription policy.

It is our responsibility to ensure that as far as possible your pet does not develop side effects whilst on any drug we may have prescribed. All drugs have side effects, but they can be minimised with good effective monitoring. Unlike humans, your pet is unable to tell you that the medication is a) working and b) having no side effects.

Dependent on your pet’s condition and drug that they may be on, we will have decided on how many repeat prescriptions your pet may have without endangering their health in anyway. In general, repeat prescriptions are given for 3 – 6 months. Sometimes they are only given monthly.

After this period, it is essential that a vet examines your pet. You are charged a consultation fee and most drugs require us to take a blood test at least once a year. If you would like a further explanation of these blood tests and why they are necessary, please ask Martin – they obviously vary enormously between different drugs and different pets.

I know that these consultations can be difficult to make and seem unimportant – but they are essential and important in providing your pet with the best possible veterinary care.

Written prescriptions are available on request. We charge for our prescriptions:

Medication prescription £27.50 per drug
Wormers & flea treatment prescription £14.12 per drug


All our drugs purchased from us INCLUDE a prescription fee. To ensure that all pets get their prescriptions and that there is no confusion, 48 hours’ notice is required for all repeat prescriptions.

Please tell us if your pet is unwell on the medication, or if you think the medication is not working. As veterinary surgeons, it is illegal for us to provide a prescription for a human generic if there is a licensed veterinary product on the market.

Order your Repeat Prescription

Last but not the least – I hope that your pet is benefiting from his/her medication and please know that we are behind you and your pet the whole way. Thank You.

If you have any suggestions, please ask and we may be able to help or improve our service.

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