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Insurance Company Claim Forms

Please find below links to insurance claim forms that are linked to our management system.

Click on the appropriate insurance company and fill in the fields. Some fields are required and some are helpful to us to help update your records.  Once you have completed the fields please press the GREEN DONE button. (normally in the top right corner)  This button will only activate once you have completed the "required" fields. If you do not press the DONE button the form is not signed.
If you have any queries or concerns or are struggling to complete the form please e-mail [email protected]
If you cannot see the insurance claim form you need please let us know. 
Insurance Companies
The most common claims forms:

Animal Friends Insurance -

More Than -


Claim forms in alphabetical order;

AA -

Agria -

Argos -

Asda -

Aviva -

Direct Line -

E and L -

EveryPaw Vet Fees -

Healthy Pets -

Help U Cover -

John Lewis -

Kennel Club -

Legal and General -

LV -

M&S -



Post Office / Pinnacle -

Purely Pets -

Sainsburys -

Scratch Patch -

Tesco -

4Paws -


Thank you for completing your form. We will submit your claim as soon as we can.


Other forms you may require access to can be found below;


Consent forms

General Anaesthetic -

Minor procedures -