Extremely friendly, honest and patient

Testimonials - Pete Jackson

Extremely friendly, honest and patient

Initially I was attracted to Emerson’s Green Veterinary Surgery because it was a small, conveniently located practice in the centre of the hamlet. However, having been registered with the practice for nearly a year now, it has proven to be a great deal more.

In all my dealings I have found the staff to be extremely friendly, honest and patient when looking after Chess, my Springer Spaniel. Whether it is for the more in-depth diagnosis of an ailment or just a simple routine check-up they have always shown a supportive, caring and dedicated attitude to his treatment.

They have also been very helpful in organising and settling out our pet insurance claims and in offering timely reminders when routine treatments are due. Even the simplest of query has been handled speedily and courteously with everyone always willing to offer sound advice and put your mind at rest. Furthermore, with my wife and I being a working couple we are often unable to attend appointments during the normal working day.

As a result, it has been a significant advantage having a practice that is open until late in the evening, making it very accessible and handy. Without doubt having access to a friendly, clean practice that is trustworthy and reliable as this one has given us great peace of mind and has been a small blessing.