Vet Check Needed

THE ANIMAL is on a medication that is registered as a POM-VPS or POM-V (PRESCRIPTION ONLY MEDICATION) and this classification means we have a legal responsibility to assess your pets health status periodically. This e-mail is notification that you will need to book an appointment to see one of our vets before we are able to dispense more product.  We are flexible and can easily accommodate emergency supplies, so if you are unable to schedule something soon then please let us know straight away. The cost of this assessment will be £42. (Unless it is for worming or flea product and then it is £20.00 with a nurse)
Please book your appointment via our online booking system (Available 24/7). Please phone the surgery on 0117 9571110 if you are unable to book online.
A copy of your order and any notes by the prescribing vet follow:
Please find below our FAQ's and a copy of our repeat prescription policy.

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I did not agree to these reminder e-mails, why am I getting them? - On our registration form and on all consent forms we have advised that reminders will be sent. If you would like to opt out of these reminders then by all means let us know and we will remove you from the reminders list. 

I have not got my pet anymore or I have moved away, why am I still getting reminders? - Whilst we can appreciate that reminders might not always be appropriate we do endeavour to keep our database as accurate as possible. On occasion things might go wrong and we apologise for the error. If you believe you have received this reminder in error OR YOU WOULD LIKE TO UNSUBSCRIBE from these reminders then please let us know.

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Repeat Prescription Policy (Including online pharmacy prescription information)

It is our responsibility to ensure that as far as possible your pet does not develop side effects whilst on any drug we may have prescribed. All drugs have side effects, but they can be minimised with good effective monitoring. Unlike humans your pet is unable to tell you that the medication is a) working and b) having no side effects.

Dependent on your pet’s condition and drug that they may be on we will have decided on how many repeat prescriptions your pet may have without endangering their health in anyway. In general, repeat prescriptions are given for 3 – 6 months. Sometimes they are only given monthly. After this period, it is essential that a vet examines your pet. You are charged a consultation fee and most drugs require us to take a blood test at least once a year. If you would like a further explanation of these blood tests and why they are necessary, please ask Martin – they obviously vary enormously between different drugs and different pets. I know that these consultations can be difficult to make and seem unimportant – but they are essential and important in providing your pet with the best possible veterinary care.

Written prescriptions are available on request. We charge for our prescriptions:
3-month prescription: £25.00 / drug
Wormers & flea treatment prescription: £11.92 / drug
Acute treatment & subsequent drugs: £13.38 / drug

All our drugs purchased from us INCLUDE a prescription fee. To ensure that all prescriptions are in stock and checked by two members of staff we require 48hrs for all prescriptions.

Please tell us if your pet is unwell on the medication. Please advise us if you think the medication is not working. As veterinary surgeons, it is illegal for us to provide a prescription for a human generic if there is a licensed veterinary product on the market.

Last but not the least – I hope that your pet is benefiting from his/her medication and please know that we are behind you and your pet the whole way. Thank You. If you have any suggestions, please ask and we may be able to help or improve our service.