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Prescription / Order Form

Please allow 5 working days for your order / prescription to be ready. You will be sent further emails with your invoice and a ready for collection email. Please complete your mobile number AND your e-mail address in order to receive notification when your order is ready for collection.

If you require the order before then please label it as urgent and we will do our best to get it ready for you.

We will now require payment of the order prior to collection.  Your invoice / statement will be sent halfway through the ordering process.

To help with social distancing we would appreciate all payments through our online payment facility. Details of how to do this will be attached to that e-mail.

If you require a written prescription then please name the pharmacy which you are using. There are charges for all written prescriptions.


Clients on our Health Plan can get their HEALTH PLAN medication delivered Free Of Charge.

If you are not on our Health Plan then you can also get medication delivered but we charge £8.50 for delivery.


It is our responsibility to ensure that as far as possible your pet does not develop side effects whilst on any drug we may have prescribed. All drugs have side effects, but they can be minimised with good effective monitoring. Unlike humans your pet is unable to tell you that the medication is a) working and b) having no side effects.

Dependent on your pet’s condition and drug that they may be on we will have decided on how many repeat prescriptions your pet may have without endangering their health in anyway. In general, repeat prescriptions are given for 3 – 6 months. Sometimes they are only given monthly.

After this period, it is essential that a vet examines your pet. You are charged a consultation fee and most drugs require us to take a blood test at least once a year.

We charge for all prescriptions - if the drugs are purchased from us the fee is included in the cost of the drug. Please find below the cost of our written prescriptions:

Medication prescription £27.50 per drug
Wormers & flea treatment prescription £14.12 per drug

Please see our prescription policy for more information.

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