These are unusual times we are living through, but regardless of what Covid-19 throws at us, pets still need veterinary care and owners still need advice and reassurance.  Vets, nurses and veterinary support staff across the country are still heading into practice, or working from home waiting by phones and computer screens ready to be there when you need us.

To help the fight against Covid-19, to minimise risk of infection on clients and staff, consequently helping to relieve some pressure on the NHS we have reduced clients and patients coming into the practice to emergencies only, but with modern technology we can still see you for consultations for any ailment or illness, we can still advise and reassure, dispense medications and if further treatment or procedures are needed, we will organise this with our in clinic staff to get your pet in and treated, all with a telemedicine video consult.

So how does a telemedicine video consult work?

  1. Call or email us with your enquiry. 01179571110 or [email protected]
  2. We will book you a slot with one of our vets or nurses and send you our terms and conditions.
  3. Download the ZOOM app onto your phone. It is available on apps and on the website. It is a great app for family and friends to use as you can all video call each other anyway.
  4. We will text you through a confirmation of your appointment, with an easy access link included. 
  5. At the appointment time, click on your invite link and it will take you straight through to seeing one of our vets.
  6. We recommend using your phone rather than a computer as we may ask you to move the camera close to your pet to look at a certain area or film them moving around.
  7. Try to have someone else on hand so that you can hold the phone while the other person lifts paws, or lips to show us the gums etc
  8. After the consult we will dispense any medication needed
  9. We will also discuss a follow up a date and send your through your invite for another consult to check in with you on how you and your pet are doing if required.

So far these have been working really well, while it does limit us in that we can’t get our hands on your pets, it has been unexpectedly useful in other ways; we can see your pet relaxed in their own home. (If we had pound for every time someone comes in and says “he was really poorly but we have just walked in and he seems fine, or he was limping this morning but he isn’t now) this is usually due to the excitement or anxiety of coming into the vets, your pet suddenly seems to perk up, so now we get to see what you see at home!

Reduced stress and anxiety for your pet, which is only ever a good thing, no one wants to stress their poorly pet out.

We get to see them move around their home, run in the garden, jump off the sofa, sit in their bed and bite their feet, or even what has been left in the litter tray (Gross but useful)

So while something new like this might seem scary or a lot of work, in these times we are all adapting and learning how to still ensure we give you the same gold standard care and reassurance we have always given you.