Socialising & Training

Many owners, trainers and vets are worried about the effects on overall puppy development for those puppies unable to complete their primary vaccination course during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Socialisation does not have to go on hold despite social distancing and to help you as best we can we have teamed up with trainer and behaviourist Clair Hickson at Talk to the Paw, to give you a completely free course you can work through at home.

This course will take you through how to make the most of this current situation, from how you can socialise and habituate your dog to their environment and neighbourhood, preparing your dogs for handling and restraint ready for their injections and first grooming session. There is so much we can do to ensure we have well-developed, confident puppies emerging from this crisis.

To access the course, simply click the link complete the quick sign up form. This will take you directly to the course content. Talk to the Paw Course