Prescriptions and food for your pet

  1. Orders will only be taken via our JOTFORM (this is the preferred option), by TEXT message (07418 340 134) or online at (Select Orders/ Prescriptions tab on right hand side and complete all details)
  2. Please note we are only processing urgent prescriptions at this time. Food for your pet can be ordered. All other requests will be assessed on an individual basis, you may receive an email with questions for you to answer which will help us determine how urgent your request is - see guidelines below.
  3. When your food and / or prescription is ready for collection you will receive an email notification. Please contact the surgery on 0117 9571110 and select option 3 to pay for your order and organise an allocated collection date and time.
  4. Clients collecting food and/ or prescriptions must not be coming from a COVID-19 positive house, self- isolating or showing symptoms such as a fever or new cough. Please organise for someone else to collect or speak to the practice to see if a delivery can be arranged.
  5. You must arrive at the surgery at your allocated time slot. Please remain in your car and phone the surgery to inform the receptionist if you are parked in the front or rear car park. (Please advise them of your licence plate number)
  6. Please allow the receptionist to maintain a social distance of 2 metres, do not get out of your car. The receptionist will place the food/ prescription in the grey box outside the practice door. Once the receptionist is 2 metres away please collect your items.

Due to Covid-19 we will temporarily stop dispensing certain medications that are deemed 'non-essential'. This is not to say that these preventative medications are not important, however, we need to ask whether they are essential at this time.

We are a small practice, and we would like to think we know most of you as individuals. We would like to treat all cases as individuals so that each pet gets the care they absolutely require in these circumstances.

Parasite control medications:

We talk about how important these are in the practice every day. However, for most pets, parasite control is a preventative health care medicine, used to prevent disease and problems, so for most of our pets, they can do without these for a short period, while the country is managing covid-19.

For us to prevent non-essential travel but still ensure pets are getting treated when absolutely necessary, we will be asking the following questions to determine on a case-by-case basis whether it is essential for your pets to receive the treatment at this time.

Flea treatment requests:

  • Does your pet suffer from skin disease resulting from flea bites?
  • Does your pet suffer or require veterinary treatment if flea treatment is not administered on time?
  • Does your pet have a heavy flea burden at this moment in time?

Worm treatment requests:

  • Do you have children under the age of 12 in your household?
  • Does your dog come into contact with immune compromised/pregnant people?
  • Does your dog eat slugs and snails?
  • Does your dog eat other animal’s faeces when on walks?
  • Is your dog pregnant?
  • Do you have a litter of young puppies?
  • Does your dog eat a raw diet?
  • Does your pet have signs of a worm burden such as swollen abdomen or have you seen worms in your pets faeces/vomit.

Rearguard for rabbits:

  • Is your rabbit overweight?
  • Does your rabbit have a soiled bottom?
  • Is your rabbit old with reduced mobility?

 Other non-essential medications:

Many medications are important to improve an animals day to day life and to support the function of concurrent essential medications that we might need to administer.
However, similarly to parasite control, most pets will manage without these medications for a short while. A clinical judgement will be made as to whether your pet needs to stay continuously on these medications without a break, or whether a break from their medication will be clinically acceptable under the circumstances.

When you put in your repeat medication request, please write if you feel there is a strong reason why you think this medication is essential to your pet.

Please can you try and coincide your requests for and the collection of medication and food to reduce journeys to the surgery.

We will be able to provide all ‘non-urgent’ treatments once government restrictions have been lifted.

We thank everyone for your cooperation and understanding at this difficult time.