Dear all our valued clients and pets,

Thank you all for your patience and understanding in these extraordinary times. We understand your frustration at this time, so please let us explain what we are doing and why.

We have been and will continue to work very hard behind the scenes to get as many processes in place in order to support you and your pets.

We have a number of primary goals, namely:

  • To continue to provide emergency care for all sick and injured pet and wild animals - the health and welfare of all animals are of paramount importance.
  • To ensure essential medications and food are able to be collected.
  • To continue consulting outside with the exceptions of some patients needing the extra attention and help and special circumstances.
  • To support the government and in their efforts to secure a lock-down and therefore the spread of Covid-19.
  • To support the NHS by slowing the spread and therefore easing the pressure on our amazing NHS.

We are striving to continue to provide an emergency service for sick and injured pets. We are also striving to maintain provisions of emergency medications and food, both of which are essential items. As a community based small practice we feel morally obliged to act within the government guidelines and rules to the absolute best of our ability. The whole practice has been involved in making the best decisions for our client and pets. However, we all know how much strain the NHS has upon it and the lengths it has had to go to, cancelling and postponing important procedures and services. We are trying to support all the efforts of our government, our health services and other emergency and key workers by abiding to the rules and recommendations that have been set. We really feel we need to think twice about non-essential journeys and contact to not only protect our staff, our clients but the wider community.

What are we doing to achieve those goals?

  • Vaccinations: We are asking all people that are able to move their vaccinations to December to email us on [email protected] and ask us to move their appointment. If you are already late then don't change the appointment and we will vaccinate as we have been doing. Please see guidance below.
  • We are vaccinating animals but we are risk assessing all animals so please if you need specific guidance please email us on [email protected].  There are more details on our COVID annual vaccination page and our puppy and kitten pages.
  • Puppy/Kitten Vaccinations - We are continuing to book these appointments in as normal.
  • Cat Boosters - Vaccinations can be held off for up to 3 months - please try to book these after the 2nd of December as per the most recent lockdown notice. If your cat is over 3 months due or approaching the 3-month window please book in.
  • Dog Boosters – Leptospirosis vaccination runs out within 1 month of due date, so please continue to book your dogs in for their vaccinations within a month of the due date.
  • Medication: We therefore have tried to temporarily stop dispensing certain medications that are deemed 'non-essential' for November. This is not to say that these preventative medications are not important, however, we need to ask whether they are essential at this time. We are a small practice, and we would like to think we know most of you as individuals. We would like to treat all cases as individuals so that each pet gets the care they absolutely require in these circumstances.
  • Flea and Wormers: Order in December if you can so we can limit peoples travel.
  • All submissions will be reviewed by a vet and as soon as the form reaches us we will send out a 'ready for collection' email if we feel it is necessary for your pet to have that medication. If you are collecting medication or food please follow the collection instructions that are laid out on our website under orders. 
  • Routine procedures - If you have a spay or castration booked and it can wait; it would be great if you could move it to December.

 I know there are many opinions as to how important this lockdown is and how it might work but let’s give it our best and hopefully we can all enjoy a great Christmas!

Thank you for your understanding