Claire Lee

Veterinary Nurse

Claire Lee
Claire Lee RVN Veterinary Nurse

Claire joined the team in 2007 after having worked in another practice from the age of 15. She qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2011, and an Animal medicines advisor C-SQP in 2014 which entitled her to prescribe and supply certain veterinary medicines. Claire is a clinical coach to our student nurses, as well as students from Bristol University on placement.

Her biggest aspiration is to become a certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist. She is currently working towards a FdSc degree in Canine behaviour and training, she then hopes to further develop the practice into being a fear-free clinic, and advance her puppy class and behavioural "cuddle club" appointments, aimed at reducing fear and stress in pets visiting the practice.

Claire enjoys travelling and volunteering, and the past few years has spent time on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands at the islands' veterinary clinic, and in an Australian wildlife shelter caring for baby Kangaroos and Wallabies.

Claire has taken home her fair share of strays and unwanted animals over the years, with the most recent adoption being her characterful little terrier Benji, who joins the 3 cats at home, Kizzy, Mango and Forrest Gump.